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Distinguished features of MoneyBrain's AI chatbot platform

Service based on natural language conversations

You can ask questions and handle task in everyday language instead of specific commands.
Consult your AI assistant without having to browse complicated menus.

Self-improving conversation learning with AI technologies

Simple pattern-matching is with its limits in chatbot service.
We have developed self-improving AI technology that improves
the quality of conversation as we continue our services.

Task-handling in integration with existing systems

A chatbot that automates existing procedures must be able to integrate with existing systems.
We can build task-based chatbots with experience from various applications.

Various channels

Single chatbot scenario can be operated in various messaging platforms such as
KakaoTalk, Line, and Facebook Messenger. We also provide APIs for independent applications.


We offer following services with our chatbot

Conversational task service

MoneyBrain's chatbot will offer browsing/booking/reservation services previously provide on applications or the web. Thsi AI service agent is capable of processing actual tasks rather than only provide information.

Product recommendation

Chatbot can replace professional counselors in product recommendation tasks. When additional guidance is necessary, our chatbot will connect you to a manager via phonecall or app.

Customer Service

We provide 24-hour real-time automatic response services, ranging from simply providing information such as work hours, location to complicated customer reception.


These are cases where we can apply chatbot services.

Team Member

We introduce key personnel of our team who are experts in each field.


CEO / Development Executive

  • Seoul National University, School of Electrical Engineering
  • SNU Student Venture Network
  • PageOn CEO
  • SK C&C Solution Development Team
  • Finger Research Director


Deep Learning / Cognitive Science

  • Ph.D in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, SNU, Korea
  • D.E.A. (Master), INSA Lyon, France
  • BS in Computer Science, KAIST, Korea
  • Post-doc Researcher, Aalto University, Finland
  • Visiting Scientist, Max Planck Institute, Germany


Deep Learning / Neuroscience

  • PhD Candidate in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Seoul National University
  • MA in Psychology, Seoul National University
  • BE in Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Visiting Researcher at Vanderbilt University
  • Cofounder of Neurogazer


CFO / Investment, Finance, Global Business

  • Department of Business Administration, Korea University
  • SK Broadband International Finance Team
  • CDNetworks IR Team
  • Cell Biotech Management Planning Office


Deep Learning / NLP

  • Master of Computer Science, Korea University
  • LG Electronics Intelligence Laboratory
  • Daum data mining
  • Yahoo local search service


Deep Learning

  • Master of Mathematics at Seogang University
  • BS in Computer Engineering at Seogang University
  • Wise i-tech AI analysis
  • LG WebOS
  • Cray CTO


Data Scientist

  • Master of Urban Planning at Seoul National University
  • Bachelor of Statistics at the London School of Economics


CMO / Planning and Marketing

  • Master of Design Management, Hongik University
  • Innotion digital marketing
  • SK Communications Planning Team
  • Samsung Semiconductor Research Institute


Chatbot Service Development

  • Master of Electrical Information Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Bachelor of Shandong University(山东大学)


Hardware Development

  • KAIST Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
  • SK Hynix DRAM Development Division


Chatbot Platform Development

  • Kwangwoon University Computer Software Engineering
  • SK Corporation C&C R&D Institute
  • Solution / Convergence Technology Development Team
  • Cloud Platform Team


Sales Executive

  • Department of Computer Engineering, Pukyong National University
  • C&D representative
  • LG U + Consulting Team
  • CJ Hello Vision Convergence Technology Team


Chatbot Platform Development

  • Life Sciences at Seoul National University
  • SNU Student Venture Network
  • ByheyDay developer


Chatbot Service Developer

  • Computer Sience & Engineering at Seoul National University
  • SNU Student Venture Network
  • NoteVillage Development Team
  • Acetack Education Division


Design / Publishing

  • Sangmyung University Western Painting Master
  • CoreBank Technology Institute
  • UI / UX Design Development Team


Financial Management / Management Support

  • Department of Economics, Hanyang University
  • Woori Bank


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