Deep Learning

The application of deep learning technology based on multiple neural network for image recognition and speech recognition.

AI Service

The realization of Interactive AI Services with speech synthesis, image analysis and conversatonal AI technology by Deep Learning.


24hr counseling service bot that has human learning and language comprehension skills to communicate with customers.

Speech synthesis technology by deep learning

Our deep learning technology enables to create voices by text inputs.
Our artificial neural network synthesize voices and it can even create specific celbrities' voices to read your text.
Experience this technology. Input your texts and make it into a voice.

Type the text you want on click the ‘Play’ button.

please select the voice.

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Image synthesis with deep learning

Deep learning technology synthesizes images.
Artificial neural network actualize a natural image synchronization of image and voice.

  • The analysis of image based on CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks).
  • The face synthesis based on GAN(Generative Adversarial Network).
  • The application of GAN(Generative adversarial network) to presume probability distribution and to create new distribution with artificial neural network.

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Artificial Intelligent English conversation ‘Speak Now’

Experience our AI(artificial Intelligence) English teacher. Communicate with the AI teacher and it provies feedback in real time.

  • AI English study
  • Pronouncition correction in real time
  • Providing customized level of English for diverse situations.

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Please inquire of deep learning technology and interactive AI service.

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08 March

MONEY BRAIN attracts 1.5 billion won of First Penguin at Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.

MONEY BREAIN attracts 1.5 billion won of First Penguin at Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.MONEY BRAIN was selected for ‘First Penguin, Start-up in 2019’ by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.

10 January

[CES 2019] MONEY BRAIN, Introduction of AI Chatbot Solution

MONEY BRAIN introduced AI Chatbot Solution at ‘CES 2109’ in Las Vegas, US.

10 December

MONEY BRAN won the first prize at the competition of Shinhan Financial Group Digital Idea Exposition.

Shinhan financial group located at Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, opened the competiton for innovative digital idea prize on 10 Dec 2018.

23 November

Innovation of AI Chatbot, MONEY BRAIN, ‘Play Chat’ helps satisfy customer satisfaction.

While artificial intelligence helps convenience in various industries, the activities of chatbot is outstanding for its application on individual and corporate operators are growing at a fast pace.

23 July

MONEY BRAIN collaborates on a work with GS Neotek

MONEY BRAIN (CEO, Jang Seyoung based on a deep learning-based interactive AI concluded business alliance agreement with GS Neotek(CEO, Nam Kijeong) based on building up a contact center on 20 Jul 2018.

19 June

MONEY BRAIN won the first prize of Seoul Economy Chairman at the competition of Korea Business Establishment, Play Chatbot sorts out ‘ㅋㅋ’ in the Korean language.

MONEY BRAIN as an official agency of Kakao open builder concluded business alliance agreement with Kakao on Mar 2018.

08 April

MONEY BRAIN recorded ‘Hi Seoul Brand 2018’ in Seoul city hall

MONEY BRAIN recorded ‘Hi Seoul Brand 2018’ granted for an excellent company in Seoul city hall on 6 Apr 2018.

20 March

KaKao invested MONEY BRAIN with an official agency of Kakao open builder

MONEY BRAIN (CEO, Jang Seyoung) was chosen as an official agency of Kakao open builder for its outstanding interactive AI technology.

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